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About Diamond G Outreach
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Positive Educational Experiences for Youth Paired with Nature Conservation & Heritage

Diamond G Outreach (DGO) 501(c)3

Diamond G Outreach (DGO) was formed as a 501C3 Non-profit organization dedicated to preserving outdoor heritage and hunting by introducing children to the outdoors in an educational and positive environment. It was created after its founder spent time as a volunteer with State Sponsored outdoor programs and saw a need for the creation of a non-governmental organization in an effort to further promote the benefits of conserving, managing and enjoying our natural resources to children through a civilian operated organization.

DGO inspires conservation and utilization of natural resources to children and young adults through no cost hunting excursions, fishing expeditions, camping trips and educational programs.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Diamond G Outreach is a committed to providing children with no cost unforgettable outdoors experiences. We strive to show children the benefits of involvement within the outdoors in a caring, inclusive and family based atmosphere.

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Goals & Core Values

Diamond G outreach Goals

Allow children whose families could normally not afford the opportunity to experience the outdoors the ability to hunt and fish at no charge.

Provide education and amenities to families of children who don’t have a background in the outdoors and don’t know on where to start.

Provide a vacation from reality for children and families in undesirable situations by allowing positive fellowship in the presence of uplifting guides.

Educational Values

Build upon the character of our youth by exposing them to quality mentors. Teach firearms safety, wildlife management, hunting/ fishing strategies, survival skills and proper care of harvested game.

Conservational Values

Instill a sense of conserving wildlife and the environment for future generations. The goal is to create a lifelong desire to experience and preserve the outdoors and outdoor activities.

Celebrational Core Values

Celebrate a child’s accomplishments in the outdoors. At the end of the day –  this is supposed to be fun!


Our Board Members

Wayne Griggs


Area Manager – Electrical &
Instrumention Unlimited

Jason Blanchard

Vice President

Maintenance – Manager Oiltanking

Joni Griggs


Realtor – Styled Real Estate